Oakley Stylewars


Oakley Stylewars was run and won at Falls Creek over the week of Sept 14-20. Our aim was to present the biggest and most prestigious snowboarding event ever held in the Southern Hemisphere, and going by all the feedback we achieved our goal.

While a lot of work went into Oakley Stylewars, the success of the event was virtually assured when it was the first South Hemisphere contest ever given TTR World Tour status. Oakley Stylewars was actually the first stop on the World Tour meaning, the winner would also take the worlds number one status until the Air and Style event.

With the badge of world tour event, Oakley Stylewars attracted some of the biggest names in the snowboarding universe. Boosting easily the most talented field ever assembled in Australia, including the likes of Oakley riders Zach Leach (USA), JJ Thomas (USA) and Sam Luebke (USA). The riders from Euro included Jacob Wilhelmson (Swe), Hampus Mosesson (Swe), Chris Kroll (Aut) and Jaakko Ruha (Fin). Also attending the event was Australia’s and NZ’s best including Jacob Koia, Ryan Tiene, Max Cookes and Nick Gregory.

Despite a below average year for snowfall and torrential rain the week prior, the Fall’s Creek snow park team did an unbelievable job of building one of the best parks ever seen in Oz (helped along by a massive and timely dump of snow during the event window!). The feedback from our American and Euro guests was they didn’t realise how good the snowboarding was in Oz and that Oakley Stylewars was up there with any other contest in the world.

A seven day event window allowed us to choose the best weather days for competition and filming under bluebird skies. We needed three days to run three sperate events and crown the Oakley Stylewars Grandmaster. After a Saturday night Rail Jam and two days of Slopestyle competition Aussie Cheyne Southwell was crowned the winner, with Wilhelmson second and Oakley NZ rider Jacob Koia third.

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