US Snowboarding Grand Prix #1 Mammoth Update


The second US Snowboarding Grand Pix has come to Mammoth Mountain in sunny California. And the conditions today were picture perfect for riding, viewing, and figuring out who is going to make the US Olympic Snowboard team. This weekend another pipe event will take us one step closer to the team announcement at the end of January in Park City, Utah.

Mammoth has always been a hot spot in the industry for the progression of snowboarding. And today’s event went according to plan. Danny Davis took the win with a near perfect run. Which scored a 49.2 out of 50 points and put a new first in the books. By landing three double cork tricks in one run. Oakley’s Shaun White landed in 2nd place with a score of 46.2. He has been working several different runs into his strategy and was able to get a double Mctwist landed on his last hit in the pipe. Shaun had this to say about today’s event. ”There was some great riding today. This was by far the heaviest contest I’ve ever been in and being at the top with one run to go. I pulled the trigger and went for it, never surrender.” Rounding out the podium in 3rd place was Scotty Lago who was able to put his landing gear down this event and join Shaun and Danny in the excitement.

Local Mammoth and Oakley rider Greg Bretz qualified 2nd into the finals, and has been stomping his competition run more consistently. A crowd favorite Bretz ended up in 6th. Oakley Canada’s Jeff Batchelor also qualified in the top spots and landed in 7th place overall. His riding was exciting the crowd with huge spins and traveling down the pipe with his tricks. Colorado Oakley riders JJ Thomas got 9th and Matt Ladley finished in 13th.

The women’s riders were given them same perfect pipe conditions. And took advantage of the huge 22 foot halfpipe walls to boost some big airs.

Kelly Clark continued her winning streak and took home 1st place with a 3-point margin over the next competitor. Hannah Teeter and Holly Crawford came in 2nd and 3rd behind Clark. Oakley’s women’s team made the finals today and rode with the pressure of an Olympic year. Gretchen Bleiler took 4th, Elena Hight in 5th, and Ellery Hollingsworth at 7th place.

Look for one of the heaviest and most progressive snowboard Halfpipe contests to be aired on NBC this Sunday January 10th, 2010.

Special thanks to Tom Zikas Photography


Matty Swanson


January 06, 2010

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