Nobuyuki Osawa Wins Oakley Pro Junior Japan


The Oakley Pro Junior Japan finished up today in Shidashita Point of Chiba, Japan. Early morning fog and small wave conditions greeted the surfers in the early morning hours.

Cadet Class (U-16) took the first plunge of the competition. Kaishu Tanaka, who achieved good results from the previous day trial seed round wowed the judges once again and scored high points in the Cadet class. Mid summer waves of the Shidashita beach are only waist to chest high. However the shapes are very regular, fulfilling the needs of the 20-minute-heats.

During the round of 24 in the Junior (U-21) competition, top seed riders who hold positions in 2007 and 2008 WQS ranking showcased the dead heat. Junior (U-21) kicked off its game under such condition. Keito Matsuoka, who is the current Japanese record holder of WQS World Tour, earned high scores from the beginning of the heat, creating a more advantageous condition than other riders. Nobuaki Osawa, Kento Takahashi and Shota Nakamura, who are eligible to represent Japan in the World Junior Champions 2008 astonished the audience with their talent as top seed riders and qualified for the finals together. Kai Kojima, who competed in France as a amateur Japanese surfer in May competed in Round of 16, Koki Nakamura qualified in Semi Finals. Sho Kobayashi, who has already joined the WQS in the USA came back to Japan during his summer vacation and joined the competition. He won until Semi Finals but his luck ran out when he had to compete against the World Junior Team, disabling him to join the Finals.

The riders had to improvise their move as the onshore condition changed due to the north eastern wind in the afternoon. Arashi Kato, the 2007 Cadet champion, Sho Kobayashi, the resident of the USA, Mao Terashima and Yoto Ohara fought over the Cadet Championship for 25 minutes. Arashi won the title, making himself the consecutive championship holder. Junior Championship was a high level battle, which lasted even in the last 10 seconds. Nobuyuki Osawa, a first time competitior, won the Championship in the end.

Junior ClasstU-21)
Finals Result
1. Nobuyuki Osawa
2. Shota Nakamura
3. Keito Matsuoka
4. Kento Takahashi

Cadet Class (U-16)
5. Arashi Kato
6. Sho Kobayashi
7. Mao Terashima
8. Yoto Ohara


Shingo Tsuyuki


August 10, 2008