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Oakley’s 2008 Pro Junior surfing series kicks off next week at North Stradbroke Island, Queensland. The ASP Australasian 9-star rated Oakley Pro Junior offers a six-day surfing window from February 5-10th.

The first of six Oakley Pro Juniors is the highest rated and richest ASP Australasia Pro Junior, boasting $30,000 (AUD) in prize money and offering 132 of the world’s best young surfers a chance at 3,500 ratings points.

“We are stoked to be putting on a Pro Junior event,” said Oakley’s Australian Sports Marketing Manager Luke Watson. “Especially one at North Stradbroke Island. We are hoping that the event attracts a swag of international surfers as well as the top Australians.”

Cylinder Beach will host the main event site, however the contest has the option of going to the best surf from Adder Rock to Main Beach.

Adding to the event’s already high stakes is a stellar line-up of the country’s hottest surfers, including Oakley’s Sunshine Coast surfing ace Julian Wilson.

“I’m frothing to surf a junior comp at North Straddie and potentially score a spot into the final challenge,” says Oakley’s Julian Wilson. “The whole concept Oakley has come up with sounds amazing.”

One lucky member of the local Point Lookout Boardriders club will receive a wildcard into the top seeded round of the exclusive tournament courtesy of Oakley.

The Oakley Pro Junior is proudly supported by Redlands Shire Council, Stradbroke Island Ferries and Waves Magazine.

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About The Oakley Pro Junior Series
Two years ago, Oakley saw the need to give young American surfers the same competition opportunities as other surf-centric countries.

“We realized competitive surfing in America left a lot of room for improvement,” says Ronny Nelson, Oakley Surf Marketing Manager. “We noticed the massive amount of pro juniors being held in Australia and saw the correlation with Australia dominating the World Championship Tour.”

Since then, Oakley has established four Pro Juniors in the U.S., including the $15,000 North American Junior Championships at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, CA.

This year Oakley extended the program to include five international Pro Juniors to be held in South Africa, Japan, Brazil, France, Australia and the United States.

The first and second place finishers at each of these stops will qualify to participate in the revolutionary Oakley Global Challenge in September. The qualifiers will come together in Bali for a 4-day competition during a 10-day waiting period. The contest will be followed by a unique competition in which the athletes will choose what they want to be judged on for that specific day. So, if it’s barreling, a tube-riding event will go down; if it’s punting, it will be about innovative aerials.

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January 30, 2008