Seabass Wins GvR of Surf


Oakley’s Kauai phenom Sebastian Zeitz won his biggest event yet by taking first overall at the etnies GvR of Surf in Oceanside on Sunday. The Regular footer led his team to victory in perfect combo-swell conditions and also earned the Regular team’s MVP title.

The event itself was the perfect format for a good, friendly rivalry. Two coaches from competing magazines, one representing regularfoots and one representing the goofies, assemble a starting five, bond them with the qualifiers, and go head-to-head in a looser, game-style format. It appeared to be enough of a motivating force as both teams stayed on until the very end, heckling the other squad and hooting for their teammates.

Despite having a starting lineup that included a world champion (Sunny Garcia), an airshow champion (Ratboy), a Coldwater Classic Champion (Kieren Horn), a Macy’s Trifecta Champion (Adam Virs) and a Maui shred king (Cheyne Magnusson), the Regular Team’s biggest firepower turned out to be Oakley’s own Seabass, a trippy, free-spirited kid who surfs like Bruce Irons reincarnate. Zeitz went nuts in the final quarter, threading through long, open drainers and racked up the highest wave score of the round (and the biggest prize purse he’s seen yet).

“I’ve never even seen that much money,” said Zietz, after collecting his multiple checks and paddling back out into the draining, 4-6 foot barrels. “This is better than I’ve ever done!”


Staff Writer


October 21, 2007