My Eyes Won't Dry 2


The time came around again for Oakley’s Brian Conley to showcase his latest surf adventures. La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, CA was a perfect venue to invite surf media, fans and family to view My Eyes Won’t Dry 2. The 2006 Surfer Poll “Breakthrough Filmmaker of the Year” once again brought his unmatched viewing angle of the ocean to the big screen, with footage from remote destinations in Australia, Indonesia, Tahiti, Mexico and more.

“I am just so happy to share my surfing experiences around the world in such a unique way,” said Conley.

The night was filled with food, giveaways and good vibes. Every person who attended left the theater in a dizzy haze, bobbing their heads as if they pumping in a long barreling wave. The film includes footage from Australia, Indonesia, Tahiti, Mexico and many other remote destinations around the world.


Shea Perkins


October 02, 2007