Surfercross 2007 Day 2


Teams assembled on the beach prepared to do battle in the favorable 2-3ft. surf at trail 6. The sun, warm water, and comraderie had everyone smiling. Teams practiced and strategized while Cameron Steele warmed up the crowd and the heckling began.

Round one and two of the industry division ran smoothly with Carl Holm dominating despite the fact that he lacked a team mate. The Volcom employee and seasoned surfercross vet shredded the tricky conditions all the way to the win. Other standouts included everyone’s favorite team, marketing, announcer Malcom McCassy and Aubrey Boutin.

In the end, Oakley’s own Jeremy McCassy and Jeremy Corum took home third overall. It was Derric Swinford and Jin Anfuso, winners of the moto day, but were bumped out early and ended up second overall. Solid racing and surfing earned snowboard legend Don Zabo and Glen Gordy the overall win and bragging rights.

The Pro division was stacked full of talent with Brock Little, Josh Sleigh, Scott Farnsworth, along with Mr. surfercross himself Mike Parsons, all making it through the early rounds. The sleeper team of Shea Perkins and Joel Albrecht rode momentum all the way to the finals. Volcom founder and pro surf Troy Eckert’s small stature and team strategy paid off huge with the second place in the finals. This also propelled them to the overall victory. Oakley Lehman and Max Mcilwee surfed better than everyone, but ninth place in the moto day was only enough for second overall. Brandon Rambo, last years winner, along with Oakley MX athlete Josh Hansen rounded out the top three.

Thanks to everyone involved JBones, Snips, Dave C., Brillo, everyone at Oakley, Fox, Boost Mobile, Kawasaki, Asterisks, Nstyle, Wahoos, Starwest.

Results: Day 2 Surf


  1. Max Mcilwee & Oakley Lehman
  2. Troy Eckert & Ray Sommo
  3. Shea Perkins & Joel Albrecht
  4. Mike Parsons & AJ Sjostrom
  5. Scott Farnsworth & Chad Robbins


  1. Carl Holm & Josh Montgomery
  2. Johnny Carmichael & Taylor Rambo
  3. Malcom McCassy & Aubrey Boutin
  4. Ryan Corum & Jeremy McCassy
  5. Glen Gordy & Don Zabo

Overall Results:


  1. Troy Eckert & Ray Sommo
  2. Max Mcilwee & Oakley Lehman
  3. Brando Rambo & Josh Hansen
  4. Josh Sleigh & Jeff Emig
  5. Kai Pattison & Phil Lawrence


  1. Glen Gordy & Don Zabo
  2. Derric Swinford & Jim Anfuso
  3. Ryan Corum & Jeremy McCassy
  4. Jonathon Murphy & Alvin Zalamea
  5. Martin Weekley & Joe Hetherington