Surfercross 2007 Day 1


The Surf and Motocross Industries gathered early on a perfectly groomed track in Perris yesterday to battle it out in the hot sun. Yesterday’s race was the first half of a two-day event to determine the most versatile surf/MX rider in SoCal. Teams were selected matching up one pro surfer with one pro motorcross rider. The two day event takes each participant to their respective zone to complete for glory and bragging rights.

Heavy teams were assembled, including last years champion Brandon Rambo along with one of the fastest men on a bike, Josh Hansen (Oakley eyewear). Surfercross is, however, a team event, requiring wristband exchanges and team strategy. Motorcross legend Jeff Emig teamed up with Carlsbad surfer and master of motorized machines, Josh Sleigh. In the end it was Phil Lawrence and Kai Pattison holding off Rambo and Hansen for the day one victory. Don’t rule out Oakley’s own Ronny Nelson, a veteran of the event,  teamed up with a fast Mike Sleeter, are looking solid going into the surf portion sitting in third.

"This is the 9th Annual Surfercross and it keeps getting stronger every year," said Ryan Fedorow, Oakley: Sports Marketing Motocross Manager. "There are more and more professional surfers competing, making it an even stronger event. It’s cool to see them out, because in the past, a lot of those guys were scared they’d get hurt. Oakley was represented with Shea and Ronny from our Surf Team coming out. Plus it’s cool seeing everyone come together and play a part in this great event. I think Josh Hansen’s Team, Phil Lawerence’s Team and Michael Sleeter’s Team will be the teams to watch.

Surfercross resumes Wednesday at Trail Six in San Onofre for the surf portion, where the 2007 champion will be crowned!


  1. Derric Swinford & Jin Anfuso
  2. Andrew Silverstien & Stan Rasmussen
  3. Donnie Emler & Phil Hunt
  4. Glen Gordy & Don Zabo
  5. Jonathon Murphy & Alvin Zalamea


  1. Kai Pattison & Phil Lawrence
  2. Brandon Rambo & Josh Hansen
  3. Ronny Nelson & Mike Sleeter
  4. Chava Greenlee & Jimmy Lewis
  5. Josh Sleigh & Jeff Emig