Surfers Hang In HB


Oakley’s top surfers competing in the US Open of Surfing – Barca, Mello, Whitz, Bob, CBass and Makua showed up at Jack’s Shop on the corner of Main and PCH to sign autographs. Mello was in rare form looking for a good time, Barca showed up with his casual style, CBass was writing down chicks digits on his arm and by the end of the hour session had at least two dozen numbers.

The guys were great sports in signing Oakley’s latest team poster, other garments and even body parts (see photos). After the one hour signing session it was up to Fred’s for some drinks and food to fill the mind, body and soul with Lil’ John, Danny Kass, The Dingo and Oakley Alternative Marketing. This food and drink social hour was followed up by a nice little session at Surfline’s pimp location for free Monster and Vodkas, as well as Coronas.

Later things got really fun at clubs of the sort you would not take your mother to, but sure would want to be at with this Aussie Crew.

Big thanks to Ronny and Shea from Oakley Sports Marketing Surf, as well as Watto our counter-part for Australian Sports Marketing.