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David Weare and Royden Bryson came into Oakley headquarters yesterday to check out the Spring ’08 line, hang with their friends in Sports Marketing and check out the infamous “Engine Room.” Weare and Bryson are in town for the US Open of Surfing, held in Huntington Beach, CA this week.

Last year both of them left HB to head in opposite directions, David went to England to compete in a five-star WQS stop and Royden went to Japan for a six-star WQS stop. On August 6th of last year Weare and Bryson both won their respective contests.

As Cuan Petersen, International Sports Marketing Manager put it, they are the “yin and the yang” of South African surfing. Cuan has known both of these young men for a long time; David has been on Oakley since he was 15 and Royden since he was 16. Petersen calls them the younger brothers he never had, and the young surfers refer to him fondly as the main reason why they look forward to coming to the states. The guys refer to Cuan’s house as “Hotel Petersen” because of the way Cuan and his wife treat them when staying at their home in the OC.

So, the four of us all hooked up and headed to the Sports Marketing Lounge. When we finally made it to the infamous room David, Royden, Cuan and myself sat down to chat. The following are some of the highlights from our candid discussions about surfing, traveling and Oakley.

“Yeah, for some reason England has been really good to me. I have made the finals for the last two years and winning last year was really great,” David Weare stated about competing in the five-star WQS in England in 2006.

“I feel so relaxed and confident in Japan, it’s unlike any other place you surf on the tour…. It’s kind of like before you win that first WQS contest you have that mental barrier, and you think you can do it, but you are just not sure… so when I won last year, I had a lot more confidence, which lead to my qualifying for the WCT this year,” Royden Bryson on surfing in Japan last year.

“Definitely the innovation part, they seem to be so far ahead. I love their way of thinking and how bold they are… they seem to be ahead of time all the time, and I think that is awesome,” Weare on why Oakley is special to him.

“Oh yeah, as a surfer Oakley suits me down to a tee. Coming here to go in the backrooms and seeing how things are done is really awesome. If we were sponsored by any other company, I don’t know if we would get to experience things like this,” Bryson on how Oakley treats him.


Matt Murray


July 27, 2007

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