Brian Conley's Latest Adventure


Brian Conley’s second film endeavor, My Eyes Won’t Dry 2 (Tube Vision) is set to release sometime in the near future. The Solana Beach-based tube aficionado was awarded Breakthrough Filmmaker at the 2006 Surfer Poll awards for the revolutionary water cinematography in his 2006 release My Eyes Won’t Dry.

My Eyes Won’t Dry 2 is in the final stages of editing,” says Conley. “It’s a collaboration of footage I’ve been working on for the past two years—footage from Tahiti, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia and many other locations. Sophisticated camera equipment and film angles will take viewers on an in-depth tube riding adventure.”

When Conley signed with Oakley 13 years ago, he was known as a top US Junior. Now, the eccentric California charger, who has graced the covers of both Surfer and TW Surf, is known for traveling to far-flung locals in search of the perfect barrel. The strict raw vegan who practices yoga has three skis stashed around the world and explores uncharted territory via his super truck, the “Hurricane Hunter”.

“I’m really excited to bring my experiences into the eyes of anyone who enjoys the sport of surfing anywhere in the world,” says Conley.

To see Conley charging mainland Mex, check out his segment in Oakley’s Separate Volume.


Staff Writer


June 19, 2007