Best of the North Shore: Oakley Teams Up With Surfline For "Wave of the Winter"


The show is about to begin. Planeloads of the best surfers from around the world are landing in Honolulu and making a b-line for the North Shore. It’s that time of the year when the Pacific gets lively and the resulting storms send phenomenally sized and shaped waves to the Seven Mile Miracle. Throaty barrels and mega airs and hideous wipeouts result – and Oakley, alongside Surfline, are going to be paying close notice to it all.

“Wave of the Winter” is sacred ground on the North Shore. So many great rides happen everywhere from Sunset to Pipeline to Waimea to Haleiwa, but only one can and will rise amongst the rest. To help determine which wave tops the rest, Oakley and Surfline rely on a seasoned group of North Shore watermen, including Pancho Sullivan, Ross Williams, and the great Gerry Lopez.

“To not only survive but to thrive in the winter surf of the North Shore takes quite a bit more than one who hasn’t tried it would imagine,” Lopez said. “The physical conditioning to run at the top is an all-year effort directed specifically toward this end and no matter what, one who is seriously dedicated will always discover some aspects were missed along the way only to surface at some inopportune moment to really test the individual. Mental preparation is forever incomplete. Some new variation of all that has already happened can and will surprise even the most experienced veteran to make them cry or laugh before handing out another humbling test of one’s mettle.

“These tests are to gauge a surfer’s true interest and at some point, the spiritual nature of pitting one’s self against the effort to find harmony with the powerful, dangerous and wonderful waves found along this stretch of coastline begins to emerge,” he continued. “To aspire towards a Wave of the Winter is a combination of preparing, being there and a lot of good fortune. For the surfers, for the judges and for everyone watching, it is an exciting process of following each swell, each ride and being a part of the entire season."

Oakley Wave of the Winter, powered by Surfline, will be won by the surfer who catches and successfully rides the single best wave of the contest period on the North Shore. The judging panel will select each month’s top rides and they will collectively be deemed the finalists for the grand prize. The event runs from Nov. 1, 2013 through Feb. 28, 2014.

Surfers, start your engines.