Oakley On MySpace


Oakley has three different MySpace pages for you to visit and become friends with, that are offering downloads, videos, wallpapers, images, slideshows, contests and more.

Learn More About These Three Pages:

MySpace.com/oakleyo – at this page you can enter numerous contests to win free Oakley product and interview top Oakley athletes. This page is a must for any Oakley faithful follower who enjoys blogging about our athletes and products.

MySpace.com/squareo – at this page you will find out all the latest from Oakley’s new lifestyle portion of the brand. Here you can view where “The Evolution Continues” ad campaign videos of Shaun White, Bruce Irons, Ryan Sheckler and Danny Hampson. Other top features of this page are upcoming Square O events, the latest sunglass designs and artist collaboration pieces.

MySpace.com/oakleywomen – at this page the women who love Oakley can check out all the latest from the Uniquely campaign featuring our apparel, sunglasses and top female athletes. Check out this page and become friends with the women’s MySpace page just like Grete, Elena, Niki, Kira, Kristi, and many other top Oakley athletes.


Staff Writer


May 26, 2007