Waves Pump for Day 6 of the Oakley World Pro Junior; Jack Robinson Pulls Huge Upset

Oakley Pro Jr. Championship

Day 6 of the Oakley World Pro Junior awoke to a sight everyone was anxious to see: Keramas doing its thing, with 4- to 6-foot sets reeling down the reef. With the women having run up to the Finals the day prior, the lineup was left to the Men. Round 2 ran, and the morning heats were blessed by the best conditions of the event so far.

In the most stunning heat of the day, young Jack Robinson, the 14-year-old prodigy from Western Australia, proved that he has the talent to accompany the hype. In some of the best conditions of the day, mini-man Robinson man-handled the reigning ASP World Junior Champ, Caio Ibelli. Sadly, it wasn’t even close. Long lulls and better wave selection by Jacko left Caio scrambling on waves that offered no real scoring potential. Robinson, on the other hand, stroked into sheet-glass bomb after bomb, including an overhead beauty that provided ample stand-up-barrel space for a 7.67. He won the heat with a two-wave score of 14.0 to Ibelli’s 5.1.

“There wasn’t a lot of waves,” Robinson said. “If he caught the waves I did he would have gotten big scores too. I surf waves like this at home in WA all the time, so barrel riding is one of my strengths. I’m pretty happy, it feels good to win that one.”

The local talent had mixed results on Day 6. In the first two heats of the morning, the Trials winners were up against two of the most contest-proven surfers in the draw. Nyoman “Blackie” Satria kept it close against Hawaii’s Keanu Asing, but it was Asing finding the necessary scores in a close heat, 8.67 to 7.33.

In the following heat, Gazali Hamzah found a gem and threaded his way through a beautiful barrel for a 7.33, getting shot out and throwing a quick claim. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a suitable back-up score and fell victim to the 2010 World Junior Champ, Jack Freestone of Australia. Freestone had two solid waves, including a double barrel on one, for a heat score of 15.5.

By the time Hamzah’s brother, Hairil Anwar, was in the water, the winds were up and the barrels were gone. The local boy – from Lakey Peak, Sumbawa – would have to rely on his performance surfing. And he did just that. Fierce hacks and a smooth air-reverse led to a pair of 6s and a heat win over Dylan Lightfoot of South Africa. Though he got all the local support, Anwar actually lives most of the year on the Gold Coast of Australia.

“It’s good to win for my family and friends who have come to visit and for my country,” Anwar said. “When I’m in Australia I miss my home, but it’s great to surf Snapper with guys like Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson. It’s done so much for my surfing. If my friends want to make it in surfing they will probably have to do the same.”

The event is expected to resume tomorrow morning in more classic Keramas conditions. It’s possible that the Women’s Final will run, or straight into Men’s Round 3. Stay tuned at oakleyprojunior.com.