Lord Dorrington! Oakley Surf Shredder Brenno Claims Coldwater Classic Scotland Victory, Takes Series Lead


You know you’re the boss when you’re knighted…and now have a big arse sword for your trophy case.

Just ask Oakley Surf Team Ripper Brent “Brenno” Dorrington, who came out of the ASP 6-Star O’Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland with a big victory and a new title: Lord Dorrington. (Now that’s sick.)

The win over Jay Quinn was his first-ever ASP Star Tour triumph – wrapped up after a low scoring final in inconsistent 2-3ft waves at Thurso East reef. The result also powered him to top of the Coldwater Classic Series overall rankings.

Rewind: The Finals hit a wall at the low tide mark, and as it all resumed in the afternoon, Brenno straight charged. He went on to control the tactical final heat in the remaining sets of an epic swell that had been hitting Thurso East for the three final days of the event.

“I have never won a comp in my life so to be in a final and win it is truly amazing. I’m on top on the O’Neill Coldwater Classic Series now,” Brenno said, rocking his Oakley gear. “l am looking for the bonus at the end of the series and the points from this contest are really important to me. It has just pumped here this week and it has been the best waves I’ve had in a comp.”

“The semi-final was unreal,” Brenno continued, referring to his massive heat total that included a near perfect 9.50 out of 10. His 18.50 score came at the expense of New Zealander Richard Christie.

“I just snagged two waves in the first 10 minutes with a first turn and then a barrel on both of them. There hadn’t been any barrels before that or after so they were the only two out there and I got them both, lucky me.”

Jay, however, wasn’t as fortunate. Brenno’s designated rival was unable to get into the groove during the 35-minute final, which restarted due to a lack of waves in the first 10 minutes. With no decent scoring ride down to the end, it was all for Brenno’s to take. And he took it with authority.

“I’m going to hang the sword in my pool room and it’ll look good on the wall for sure,” Brenno said. “Adam Melling (fellow Oakley rider) and Royden Bryson are good friends of mine and they both have one, so I’m stoked to join the club.”

Peep this official contest video of the Final Day:


Andrew De Lara


April 19, 2011

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