Behind the Scenes with Beau Emerton at the Oakley World Pro Junior


With the inaugural event of World Junior Tour (WJT) well underway in Bali, Indonesia, Oakley caught up with Contest Director Beau Emerton to get the inside scoop on the high performance venues selected for the Oakley World Pro Junior.

The beautiful black sandy beach of Canngu has played host to first four days of the contest providing competitors with consistently contestable waves. However, tomorrow the contest moves on to the world-renowned beach break of Keramas.

“The reason for the two locations is the new format,” said Beau. “We’ve got a lot more competitors so we’re looking at a bigger time frame and with Keramas being a very tidal break we needed another venue for the early rounds of competition. At Canngu we’ve been able to run nearly all day and get a large chunk of those first rounds done.”

The tricky part is knowing when to make the swap.

“We decided to move to Keramas tomorrow (10-6) because it’s looking like the new swell is going to hit for the next four days and we’ve got great tides as well. I’ve worked very closely with Balinese native, Tippi Jabrik, he knows these places back to front and we’ve been looking very closely at the swell charts. The high tide is what we want. With the incoming tide the swell pushes in on the break, but as soon as the tide starts going out it basically stops breaking and gets too shallow and dangerous. Everything looks aligned though: we’ve got the right swell, the right tides and the right winds so it’s looking very promising for a great finish to the event.”

While the dual locations are meant to provide competitors with the best possible conditions, it also adds an additional challenge, requiring competitors to be versatile and able to perform under various different conditions. The past four days have been peppered with airs and while Beau doesn’t expect that to change, he does expect to see a distinct difference in the surfing starting tomorrow morning at Keramas.

“Canngu is a great action wave for airs. There’s a few barrels out there, but it’s not as punchy or as hollow a wave a Keramas is. We’re going to see a lot more barrel rolling tomorrow. The guys will be going bigger too because there’s a lot more power in the wave. It’s going to be awesome.”

“Keramas is one of the best waves in the world for these guys. What I’ve seen already has just been absolutely amazing. I’m really looking forward to checking out the next few days and finding out who the winner will be.”

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Elishia Matta


October 05, 2010