Oakley Amateur Surf Team Update



Head-to-toe Oakley riders take Eastern Championship Titles!

The most coveted contest on the East coast went down this weekend at Sebastian Inlet, Florida. There were 2 to 4ft. playful peaks and an insane display of surfing that included our own Eric Geislman taking the Explorer men’s title. Eric had the only ‘Perfect 10’ of the four day event in the last 30 seconds of the Final with a perfect dry tube that brought the crowd out on the beach in a frenzy. To top it off Eric placed 1st in the Airshow Final with a huge frontside reverse.

Winning the Explorer menehuene was super grom Evan Geislman who displayed such form all weekend that you forget this kid is only 11 years old with vertical critical moves and gouging cutbacks. This little guy’s on fire and letting everyone know he’s not messing around. Not only did he take an Eastern title Evan G. placed 3rd in the Open Boys and Explorer boys Final.


Staff Writer


March 31, 2005

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