Oakley Big Day Out in Hawaii


One of the four stops of The Oakley Big Day Out Surf series got under way in Honolulu, Hawaii. More than 150 competitors were signed up and amped to surf the long awaited Oakley Big Day Out contest. The waves were small as the contest was held in 1-2 ft waves. The divisions were menehune, boys, juniors, women’s and the shop team. Most of the families made a day of it as one parent said, "This is the best contest, we look forward to it every year, we make it our family Big Day Out". The kids were excited about Oakley’s contest and games, which made every grom feel stoked that they came down to the beach for this one. Wendell Aoki, HASA Director, had a really good vibe about the contest and said, "I think this is a good thing that Oakley does. Every year the kids are constantly asking me when the contest is going to happen and where. They even came down to Queens on the 4th of July weekend thinking there was a contest that day, only to find out it was a rumor."