Oakley Big Day Out Surf Series


Florida surfing has always been about making the best with what you’ve got. This being said, the Oakley Big Day Out surf contest, took place in less than ideal conditions. The first of the grom series started off in the city of Jacksonville, Florida, with a good showing of young, frothing kids ready for a comp in there own backyard. What went down was a showdown of good surfing and good fun even with the eerie fog and thunderstorms that came along as fast as a 15 minute heat.

In the end we were all standing under tents and any cover we could find to avoid being drenched by the downpour, and getting struck by lightning. The kids meanwhile were more focused on fighting their friends for the giveaways thrown from the sky.

The Winners received a pair of personal engraved Blades, and a smile on their faces courtesy of Oakley.

10 & Under
14 & Under
17 & Under

Tristan Thompson
Evan Thompson
Josh Motes

Josh Motes
Tristan Thompson
Shane Mobely

Gabriel Shoemaker
Brent Lamproth
Kevin Cox

Robert Burke
Kevin Cox
Evan Thompson

The Big Day Out surf series started in 2004, and is all about providing a fun day of competitive surfing at a fair price (free). Oakley is based out of Southern California and is a long time supporter of surf, skate, and snowboard athletes and events. Its large team is gaining recognition at a grassroots level by competing in contests similar to the Big Day Out, while growing up in their sport. The idea was to create our own contest the way we want to have it – free and fun.

The low stress environment allows the kids to focus on pushing their limits and performing at their highest level. The series also expanded to the snow, holding four jib focused snowboard contests across the country this season and looks to grow even further next season.

The surf series continues to spread the fun across the country with the next stop in San Diego. April 9th will be the day, the south side of Crystal Pier Pacific Beach being the spot. Come early because registration is limited, and entry is of course free.


Staff Writer


March 26, 2005