Shaun Joubert And Bianca Buitendag Claim Victory At The Oakley Pro Junior Port Alfred


Shaun Joubert from Mossel Bay made it a hat trick by winning his third Oakley Pro Junior in a row today in excellent surf at Port Alfred. Despite coming up against a very determined and on-form Chad Du Toit from Durban, Joubert fought hard all the way till the end and took the win from Du Toit in a seesaw final that saw the lead switch after almost every exchange

It was another day of exceptional surf that greeted the surfers gathered for the Oakley Pro Junior in Port Alfred, South Africa. The waves were in the four to five-foot region with some bigger sets in the afternoon, with non-stop high performance peeling right-handers the order of the day. The surfers in the contest had the ideal canvas to show the judges their full repertoire as the contest was being judged on World Tour standards, and ‘variety’ is now a key element of the criteria.

Australian visitor Ryan Callinan placed third in the event, but was happy with the conditions. “We don’t get to surf many contests in waves like this,” said the stylish goofy-footer Callinan. “I’ve just being enjoying the waves so much. It’s so good to be able to ride real waves in an event like this.” Callinan, along with MIkey February from Cape Town, went home with a third place finish and US$1000 (R7,400)

The Red Bull Air Show was an exciting addition to the event, with a massive R10,000 prize for the biggest air pulled off in the session. The surfers were going for broke, with Dylan Lightfoot and Jacob Mellish pushing it as hard as they could and boosting at every opportunity. At the end of the 30 minutes Air Show it was young Jacob Mellish from Somerset West who took home the R10,000 prize from Red Bull for a massive forehand air reverse. The session belonged to Mellish, as he pulled off the two best moves of the Air Show, and sneaked into a solid little barrel that allowed him a clean exit in the closing minutes to prove that the R10,000 was deservedly his.

“I was so nervous out there at first,” said a very pleased Mellish at the prize giving. “Then I stuck a few airs and started feeling better. Thanks to Red Bull for this, I’m just so happy to have won.”

The Oakley Pro Junior Women’s Final was a battle of the goofy-footers, with Bianca Buitendag (George) and Chantelle Rautenbach (Melkbos Strand) both with their backs to the waves, and going for broke on the rippable right-handers. It was neck-and-neck until Bianca picked up an insider at the halfway mark and executed a series of critical turns with good flow and power for a score of 8.25 to place her firmly in the lead. Despite Chantelle fighting hard all the way to the final seconds it was 16-year-old Bianca who retained the lead, picking up another 8-point ride along the way, to claim victory and US$1000 (R7,400) prize money.

Then it was time for the Men’s final, with Shaun Joubert and Chad Du Toit both determined for victory. Chad opened up with a great seven point-ride to get the ball rolling, and still the waves poured through. Chad was awarded a 5.5 for his second wave and he found himself with a clear lead. Needing an 8.25 at the half-way mark Shaun picked up an inside wave with a nice wall on it and went to town on it, pulling off a series of radical turns off the top all the way through to the inside and was awarded just that – an 8.25, and the lead was his. Chad picked up another good set wave to score a 7.5 and regain his lead before Shaun stamped his authority all over a solid set wave for an excellent score of 9.5, and he had his third Oakley Pro Junior victory.

“Whenever we get to surf a contest in good waves I’m sure not too many guys complain,” said Shaun, “I’m just happy to be back and get a good result. It was pretty obvious that Chad was the man to beat and he put me under pressure with his first seven,” added Joubert. “I blew my first wave, as well as my second wave, so I was lucky more waves came to me.”

Chad wins US$1,500 (R11,000) for his runner-up spot, and a very happy Shaun Joubert takes home his third Oakley Pro Junior trophy and US$, 2,500 (R18,500).



May 01, 2010