Surfing In Sardinia With Oakley's Marc Lacomare and Marlon Lipke

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Oakley’s Marlon Lipke and Marc Lacomare joined SURFING Senior Photographer Jeff Flindt for an Old World journey through the Mediterranean. It’s not Indonesia — and that’s precisely the point. Broaden thine surfing horizons.

Marlon will disembark on 4 out-of-the-ordinary trips this year to show everyone that with a little time and creativity, you can score waves in Europe any time of the year even if you are on a very tight contest schedule.

Marlon’s first trip took him to Sardinia, Italy, in February, shortly after getting back from the first WQS contests in Brazil and right before taking off to Australia. In the eternal city of Rome he hooked up with French surfer and current European Pro Junior Champ Marc Lacomare to hop over to the island of Sardinia.


Erin Edwards


April 06, 2010