Oakley's Kolohe "Brother" Andino Wins Ezekiel Pro Junior


Oakley’s Kolohe Andino won his maiden ASP Pro Junior victory against close friend Luke Davis, in blow-for-blow exchanges for this year’s Ezekiel Pro Junior title. In his three heats on Sunday Kolohe didn’t have a total heat score under 16.40. He continually posted 8’s and above with his knifey carves, clean air reverses, and speedy snaps.

In the final the ASP North America Pro Junior surfers put on a phenomenal display of progressive surfing in what many are calling the heat of the entire event.

Luke Davis had started the heat off like a madman, and though it was still early, it appeared to be his to lose. Kolohe answered back on an ankle high wave with as clean of an air reverse one could ever pull, racking in an 8.65, and then following it up with a 7.25 to take the lead. Luke sounded right back though with his own air reverse, more elevated and with more speed, but it only garnered an 8.40.

Doheny also got into the mix with the highest score of the final: a 9.5 in which he threw three full-rail turns, the most powerful turns of the final. With Kolohe looking for a score to steal the lead back from Luke he paddled towards Machado’s peak and roped one in. He started with another lightning quick air reverse on the outside (stuck cleanly), and check turned his way to the inside reform where he unloaded another flawless air 3 followed by a fist pump of gratification. The score came in at 9.3 and gave Kolohe the win.

“Everyone was ripping and I had to surf my very, very best to win that event,” Andino said. “It was just going back and forth and I knew I needed another score and then I got that wave at the end, I was so stoked, I even claimed it. I almost can’t believe it. I’ve always had such a hard time in the Pro Junior events, I’m just so stoked.”


Erin Edwards


March 31, 2010