Oakley's Bruce Irons Hosts Ninth Annual Pine Trees Classic


Last weekend, under perfect blue skies, the ninth annual Pine Trees Classic for kids hosted by Oakley’s Bruce Irons took place in Kauai.

“We’ve been doing this event for nine years and it keeps getting better and better.” said Bruce.

This year was the first year that Bruce’s brother, Andy, was missing from the event. He is currently in Australia preparing for the second stop of the world tour at Bells Beach.

Held in their home-grounds on Kauai, the Pine Tree Classic is the Iron’s brothers’ tribute to their neighborhood. When it first started the event saw about 30 kids competing. This year there was more than 160 entries.

The festivities this year expanded from a one-day event to a weekend event and this year included the first annual Irons Brothers’ 10 Hole Hack golf tournament.

Bruce figured that they always play golf after the event anyways so why not make something official out of it.

Proceeds from the golf tournament, which was $150 a head, went directly into the Pine Trees Keiki Surf Classic. Thanks to the generosity of numerous sponsors, the prizes for both the surf contest and golf tournament were better than ever.

All the kids came away with big smiles and inspired to be the next Bruce or Andy Irons.


Erin Edwards


March 25, 2010

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