44th Annual $25,000 East Coast Surfing Championships

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Oakley’s Aaron Cormican defended his title at the 44th annual East Coast Championships last weekend in 1 to 2 foot waves in Virginia Beach. Cormican, known mostly as an aerial wizard, was impressive turning combinations through the whole event. The event this year was a WQS 2 star asp rated event that produced a very exiting final.

Aaron Cormican, from New Smyrna Beach, Florida was the defending champion and showed that the influx of WQS competitors for the newly ranked event had no effect on his concentration. In the semi-final, "Gorkin" pulled off one of his trademark aerials that garnered him the best score of the event, a 9.75 out of a possible 10. Going into the Final with the vocal crowd in the palm of his hand, Cormican did not hold back against Kyle Garson, Alek Parker, and Brandon Ragenovich. His final heat total of 14.80 was one of the top ten of the event and his dominance this week scored him five of the top ten heat totals.

The ASP $5,000 grade-one Pro Junior division featured the usual suspects, with Nick Rozsa taking out Nils Schweizer, Eric Geiselman, and Chris Ropero in the finals. With that win it put Roza in second place in the US Pro Jr. point ratings for the 2006 US Title race against Eric Geiselman.

$25,000 ASP WQS Two-Star Men’s Final (Oakley Athletes in Red)

  1. $5,000 Aaron Cormican (USA)
  2. $2,500 Kyle Garson (USA)
  3. $2,000 Alek Parker (USA)
  4. $1,500 Brandon Ragenovich (USA)

$5,000 ASP Grade-1 Pro Junior Final (Oakley Athletes in Red)

  1. $2,000 Nick Rozsa (USA)
  2. $900 Nils Schweizer (USA)
  3. $600 Eric Geiselman (USA)
  4. $500 Chris Ropero (USA)

$5,000 ASP WQS One-Star Women’s Final (Oakley Athletes in Red)

  1. $2,000 Courtney Conlogue (USA)
  2. $900 Anastasia Ashley (HAW)
  3. $600 Maria Gonzales (PRI)
  4. $500 Darlene Connoly (USA)


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August 23, 2006