Aaron Cormican wins on East Coast


Oakley’s new edition to the surf program slammed the competition two weekends in a row.

Aaron’s display of aerials and freestyle fins free surfing took him to first place in the East Coast Surfing Championships. In front of a huge crowd in Virginia Beach, he was handed the first place trophy at the longest running professional surfing event currently running in the U.S. Aaron then took the momentum to the Rusty Belmar Pro in New Jersey and, once again, took no prisoners and walked away with another win in his bag. Aaron’s home town of New Smyrna has proved to be a perfect training ground for the challenging and somewhat marginal conditions the East Coast WQS schedule is offering.

For some of you that are not familiar with Aaron Cormican, he is one of the best aerial freestyle surfers in the world and is famous around the globe for being the first to pull off an aerial ell rollo flip. He was featured in July in a 10-page Surfing Magazine profile doing one to perfection. You can also look forward to a great segment of Aaron in Oakley’s movie coming out early 2006 titled “Separate Volume”.

Some of the other’s placing on the East Coast were Patrick Gudauskas coming in a respectable 4th in the Belmar final and brother Dane coming in 9th.

The Oakley Unsound Pro is the next event, and is scheduled to start on the 13th, and is forecasted to have a big swell for the running days of the event.


Staff Writer


August 02, 2005