Nate Yeomans Wins Newport 2 Star/Oakley Pro Jr. Results

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Nate Yeomans takes out heavy hitters at the Newport Pro 2 Star ASP rated event in Conjunction with the Oakley Newport Pro jr. With the win it put him in the running for Macy’s trifecta points lead, with a $10,000 dollar bonus going to the winner after stop #3 Cold Water Classic, in Santa Cruz in mid October.

The progressive goofy-footer tore apart the shifting lefthanders in a star-studded final that included current leader in the Macy’s California Trifecta Surf Series Dustin Cuizon, defending Newport Beach Pro champion Nathaniel Curran and wunderkind Dane Reynolds. "I knew that if I could find the waves, I could do really well in the final," Yeomans said. "I got that good one about halfway through and felt that I could actually take it. You can never count any of those guys out though. Dane (Reynolds) is amazing and Nate (Curran) and Dustin (Cuizon) are both really good competitors. "I’m so stoked I came away with the win."

"I feel like I’ve been building some really good momentum over the past couple of weeks – I had an OK result in Pantin (Spain), my boards feel good, and to get a win here is great. I really hope I can keep this momentum up and have a good finish to the year." said Yeomans.

Newport Pro Finals

  1. Nathan Yeomans ( USA) 13.55
  2. Nathaniel Curran ( USA) 12.85
  3. Dane Reynolds ( USA) 8.75
  4. Dustin Cuizon (HAW) 8.65

Oakley Pro Jr. Finals

  1. Kilian Garland ( USA) 11.75
  2. Casey Brown (HAW) 10.25
  3. Nick Rozsa ( USA) 8.50
  4. Granger Larsen (HAW) 8.30


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September 18, 2006

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