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Gabriel Medina


When you’re a young surfer capable of completing near-impossible aerial tricks with ease (like a backflip[above]), the YouTube community is going to stop and take notice. When you’re capable of transitioning that limitless aerial repertoire to the contest scene, which is being broadcast to millions around the world, and taking down the top surfers in the process, everyone will stop and take notice. Such is the story of Gabriel Medina, the wunderkind from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Upon qualifying for the WCT during ...

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Recent Surf News

  • New "Oakley Dispatch" Episode: Crew Scores Empty, Slabbing Barrels in Java


    Posted over 1 year ago by Chasen Marshall

    “I would imagine it looks like Bali 30 years ago,” said Sebastian ‘Seabass’ Zietz upon arriving in Java. With so much less development, fewer motorbikes, and empty lineups than neighboring Bali, he might be right. In the eighth episode of the Oakley Dispatch Surf Webisode Series, Seabass, Danny Fuller, Dustin Barca and Eric Geiselman join up with Bali-transplant Lee Wilson and some other local talent in a four-day trip to Java, in hopes of discovering and capturing some of that Indo magic surf to themselves.

  • Traveling and Ripping: Web Series Follows Jordy Smith's Path to 'Bending Colours'

    Quiksilver Pro France 2011

    Posted over 1 year ago by Chasen Marshall

    Power and airs. It’s the necessary combination if you intend to be anything in competitive surfing these days. Fortunately for Jordy Smith, the burly South African, he has both in spades. Whether he’s hucking Rodeo Flips in the Mentawais or laying down brutal hacks at his homebreak of Jeffrey’s Bay, Jordy has regularly proven himself one of the most complete surfers in the world.

  • Julian Wilson Wins First ASP World Tour Event in Dramatic Fashion in Portugal

    RipCurl Pro Portugal, Peniche 2012

    Posted over 1 year ago by Chasen Marshall

    Redemption. Julian Wilson wanted it and he got it at Peniche, Portugal at the Rip Curl Pro, claiming his maiden ASP World Tour victory. A year prior, Wilson and Gabriel Medina found themselves in the Final of the Quiksilver Pro in France. Wilson was sitting on a lead with minutes to go, only to have Medina pull out a late big score to steal away Wilson’s first ASP World Tour victory.

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