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Gabriel Medina


When you’re a young surfer capable of completing near-impossible aerial tricks with ease (like a backflip[above]), the YouTube community is going to stop and take notice. When you’re capable of transitioning that limitless aerial repertoire to the contest scene, which is being broadcast to millions around the world, and taking down the top surfers in the process, everyone will stop and take notice. Such is the story of Gabriel Medina, the wunderkind from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Upon qualifying for the WCT during ...

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Recent Surf News

  • Pipe Pro: Surf Team Ripper Nate Yeomans Charges into 2012, Hawaiian Style


    Posted about 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Nate Yeomans is a Southern California boy, through and through. But anyone would tell you that there’s no better way to charge into a new season – and kick into high gear – than to drop into an overhead set on the North Shore of Oahu (Hawaii).

  • Dangerous Dark Horse: Surf Ripper Adam Melling’s ESPN Interview


    Posted about 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    He definitely doesn’t dominate the headlines. In fact, Oakley star ripper Adam Melling barely makes it into the surf mags’ major stories. But make no mistake, he’s as dangerous as anyone on the Tour to contend for the top of the rankings. And it’s not in anyone’s best interest to sleep on this badass Aussie. ESPN recently reemphasized the point with a solid interview – complete with insight on what makes him tick.

  • ASP Pro Junior Surfer Kanoa Igarashi Joins Oakley Team With A Splash


    Posted about 2 years ago by John Ohail

    Fourteen-year-old Huntington Beach, CA sensation Kanoa Igarashi proved an instant success as the newest member of the Oakley surf team. Kanoa teamed up with Oakley in early 2012 and won his career first ASP Pro Junior event, the ASP 1-Star DNA Energy Pro Junior at New Smyrna Beach Inlet in Florida over the weekend.

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