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Garage Rock - Polished Black/Grey (OO9175-01)

Gabriel Medina


When you’re a young surfer capable of completing near-impossible aerial tricks with ease (like a backflip[above]), the YouTube community is going to stop and take notice. When you’re capable of transitioning that limitless aerial repertoire to the contest scene, which is being broadcast to millions around the world, and taking down the top surfers in the process, everyone will stop and take notice. Such is the story of Gabriel Medina, the wunderkind from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Upon qualifying for the WCT during ...

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  • Quincy Davis Finishes Equal-3rd at Oakley World Pro Junior; Women's Finalists Decided

    Oakley Pro Jr. Championship

    Posted almost 2 years ago by Chasen Marshall

    Six days ago, the first day Quincy Davis paddled out at Keramas, she was her usual shy self. The lineup was filled with amped-up, stoked-to-be-trunking-it-in-Bali young men who were ripping turns and boosting airs. Most weren’t taking into consideration the idea of “Ladies first.” Between the excess testosterone and the concern over the reef bottom, she didn’t get much opportunity to acclimate to the conditions.

  • Spotlight Shifts to the Ladies on Day 2 of the Oakley World Pro Junior in Bali

    Oakley Pro Jr. Championship

    Posted almost 2 years ago by Chasen Marshall

    On Day 2 of the Oakley World Pro Junior, the focus was turned toward the ladies. The winds came up and the swell had dropped, but the long right at Canggu was still running and rippable – though challenging with some chop on the face. Nonetheless, the women didn’t have any trouble demonstrating why they’re the top junior surfers in the world.

  • Balinese Bless the World's Best Junior Surfers on Day 1 of Oakley World Pro Junior

    Oakley Pro Jr. Championship

    Posted almost 2 years ago by Chasen Marshall

    The Balinese people believe that the ocean is home to the spirits of their ancestors. It’s the place where ashes of the deceased are spread, forever linking the people with the body of water. It’s for that reason, on a cloudy morning on Echo Beach in Canggu that the Pemangku, or Chief of the Ceremony, asked that the spirits welcome the world’s best junior surfers into their sacred waters for the Oakley World Pro Junior.

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