• Decoding Cloudbreak: Gabriel Medina Wins 2014 Fiji Pro; Andino Third


    Posted about 1 month ago by Chasen Marshall

    Code Red never happened; not even Code Yellow. Cloudbreak was almost user-friendly to the average surfer for this year’s Fiji Pro. (Almost.) It was an event that appeared to cater to the seasoned veterans who knew best how to pull magic out of minimal waves. And yet, come the final day of the competition, it was four of the new-schoolers who would decide the podium. The day would favor the goofyfooters and it would eventually be the anointed surf star of Brazil, Gabriel Medina, who would take the champagne shower over Nat Young. With the win, Medina now sits atop the ASP World Championship Tour ratings.

  • One Icon: Superbank Super Session – Oakley Surf Crew Scores in Australia


    Posted 4 months ago by Chasen Marshall

    After the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast wrapped up, the waves on the Superbank really turned on, presently some of the best conditions the stellar strech of coastline has seen in some time. A bunch of the Oakley surf crew was in town and stayed around to partake in the memorable Super Session. Read the full story and check out all the stunning imagery in our newest One Icon feature by clicking here. Photo: Corey Wilson

  • Goofyfooter Delight: Gabriel Medina Wins 2014 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast at Snapper Rocks


    Posted 5 months ago by Chasen Marshall

    “I still don’t know,” Gabriel Medina said afterward, still trying to put the past three heats and several hours into perspective. “I’m still trying to figure out how I did it.” Mick Fanning. Taj Burrow. Joel Parkinson. All former Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast champions, all country favorites, all regular-footers, all victim of Medina’s unexpected march to the event title. He did it with gusto and supreme confidence and a ferocious backhand attack, and with it, Medina became the first goofy-footer to win at Snapper Rocks since 2004.

Gabriel Medina

Date of Birth:
December 23, 1993
Maresias, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rip Curl, Oakley, FCS, Gorilla Grip, Pukas Surfboards
Skateboarding, Internet

Career Highlights

    • 2014: 1st, Fiji Pro (WCT)
    • 2014: 1st, Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast (WCT)
    • 2013: ASP World Junior Champion
    • 2013: 2nd, Quiksilver Pro France (WCT)
    • 2012: 7th, ASP World Tour Standings
    • 2012: 2nd, ASP One World Ranking
    • 2012: 2nd, Vans World Cup – Sunset Beach, HI (6*)
    • 2012: 2nd, Rip Curl Peniche (WCT)
    • 2012: 2nd, Volcom Fiji Pro (WCT)
    • 2012: 1st, Nike Lowers Pro (Prime)
    • 2011: 1st, Rip Curl Pro - San Francisco (WCT)
    • 2011: 1st, Quiksilver Pro France (WCT)
    • 2011: 1st, San Miguel Pro – Zarautz, Spain (6*)
    • 2011: 1st, Lacanau Pro (Pro & Junior)
    • 2010: 1st, ISA World Junior Championships – New Zealand
    • 2010: 1st, Rip Curl International GromSearch – Bells Beach, Australia
    • 2009: 1st, Maresias Surf International (6*) – At 15, youngest surfer ever to win a WQS event