Young and raw. Fearless and maybe a tad reckless (Google his name alongside his mentor, Rico Jimenez). Keala Naihe is among the next generation of Hawaiian talents comfortable and competent in waves big and small, able to lay down vicious turns and launch huge airs, and then charm the ladies once back on the beach. Look for him on the junior circuit for now and hanging out at the Oakley House on the North Shore, learning from Rico and earning his stripes out at Pipeline.

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Keala Naihe


Show me, don't tell me!

Date of Birth:
April 8, 1994
Kailua-Kona, HI – "World famous for our Kona Coffee!"
Oakley, Bret Surfboards, Vertra, Futures, OAM
Ukulele, Sweeping the North Shore Oakley House

Career Highlights

    • 2010: 1st, NSSA Open Juniors National Championships - Huntington Beach, CA
    • 2007: 1st, NSSA Open Boys National Championships - Lower Trestles, CA

Recent Photos

Oakley World Pro Junior Championship 2012 Hawaii_NOV-12 Hawaii_NOV-12 Hawaii_NOV-12 RH-120401-6379 RH-111114-9274
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