As Maui surfers tend to be, Granger Larsen has shown that he’s not just one of the most eye-pleasing young freesurfers to watch, but he’s also got a competitive edge. Sparing with a host of Maui’s rising stars, he’s quickly becoming a seasoned competitor. When it comes to pulling in, Granger’s got no problem, even if at times he is a bit preoccupied with releasing his fins and flying through the air. Like the freesurfing/competitor conundrum that’s plagued Bruce Irons, Granger’s going to need to find his focus to take his career to the next level. All the attributes of a future star are there, now it’s just time to choose a path.

Granger Larsen

Date of Birth:
February 3, 1990
Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
Oakley, Rockstar, Airwalk, DHD, Matunas

Career Highlights

    • 2010: Cover of Surfing Magazine (March)
    • 6x NSSA Champ