Q & A

  1. When did you start surfing? Where and why? Who got you started?

    5... New Smyrna Beach... My Mom and Dad

  2. What was the first maneuver you mastered that got you motivated to keep improving?

    I didn't try to master anything in the beginning but I loved trying to have board control and fun lines...

  3. When did you start competing? When did you turn pro?

    I tried a contest at age 11. Went pro at 18.

  4. What’s your most memorable wave/session/trip?

    Indo is always my favorite for perfection. Hawaii is special to me because a lot of my friends that I grew up with competing are there so it's pretty sick getting to see everyone and get epic waves at the same time. Those two places I've probably had my most memorable rides so far.

  5. What’s your favorite wave?

    When it's on, P-Pass.

  6. What’s your dream surf trip?

    The internet's down, no one could track swells... Somehow I'm in Hawaii in the summer time for a wedding and a perfect angled west swell hits the North Shore.

  7. Which do you prefer: Beach break, point break, reef break or wave pool?

    I'd love a crack at a wave pool.

  8. Which do you prefer: airs, barrels or power turns?

    Bottom turns.

  9. If there is one thing that people in the industry would recognize you by, what would that be?

    Versatile and well-rounded.

  10. Who was your inspiration growing up: within your sport?

    Andy Irons

  11. Who was your inspiration growing up: outside your sport?

    Tony Hawk

  12. What has driven you to work hard and rise up beyond mediocrity?

    Style and creativity is what I strive for.

  13. What’s your training regime like? Are you more Mick or Wilko?

    Tapped to the MAX! I work at home with Dr. David Sales at Spine reflex center AKA Next Level Rehab. Going Mick status with a sprinkle of AI.

  14. What’s your favorite contest to compete at? Why?

    Lowers, upfront and personal. Shows you who the real formed guys are.

  15. Finish this sentence: “Oakley is ________”


  16. Any last words?

    Thanks to everyone for helping me get to where I stand today! Much love.

Eric Geiselman


Let's Live.

Date of Birth:
March 9, 1988
New Smyrna Beach, Florida - "Where the beach meets the streets."
Oakley, Channel Islands Surfboards, Dakine, Kicker, Rockstar, Hex, Jacks Surf shop
Skateboarding, Playing Music, Golf

Career Highlights

    • 2012: Dew Tour Air Event Champ
    • 2010: Red Bull Night Riders Air Event Champ
    • 2007: Surfer Poll Most Radical Maneuver for "All in the Family"
    • 3x Eastern Surfing Association Champion
    • 2x North America Junior Pro Champ