Q & A

  1. When did you start surfing? Where and why? Who got you started?

    I started surfing at the age of 7. The keiki days. My dad got me into surfing along with my older sister.

  2. What was the first maneuver you mastered that got you motivated to keep improving?

    The first maneuver I mastered as I can recall was a straight up snap. The day I could complete turns like that I would be like "Dad, did you see that, did you see that?!" After that I wanted to take my surfing to the next level.

  3. When did you start competing?

    I started competing at the age of 10. I would enter the little menehune contests like the Rell Sun event.

  4. What are the events/wins/memories that stand out most throughout your career so far?

    Making the semifinals in the Billabong Pro Rio event in 2012. Got a taste of what the World Tour is gonna be like. Looking forward to it!

  5. What’s your most memorable wave/session/trip?

    Went to the Maldives for a Billabong girls trip. So many laughs, great food and awesome company with the best of friends. Also, me and the girls got to get lost at sea with Occy! Haha. It was raining so hard you couldn't see anything outside of our little boat. One of the scariest moments ever!

  6. What's your favorite wave?

    My favorite wave to surf would have to be Kewalos Basin on a 3 to 4 foot day, firing, with no crowd, no wind and great company. Rare.

  7. What's your dream surf trip?

    My dream trip is to surf somewhere with long roping lefts. The ones that just peel for days. Good size waves pumping throughout the whole trip. No crowd, great food and of course with awesome company.

  8. Which do you prefer: beachbreak, pointbreak, reefbreak or wavepool?

    Pointbreaks and reefbreaks.

  9. Airs, barrels or power turns?

    All of the above.

  10. If there is one thing that people in the industry would recognize you by, what would that be?

    Most likely that I'm one Hawaiian girl, brah.

  11. Who was your inspiration growing up within your sport?

    My sister, Kristen Quizon.

  12. What has driven you to work hard and rise up beyond mediocrity?

    The passion, goals and expectations I have for surfing. I want to be one of the best in what I do and stand out.

  13. What’s your training regime like? Are you more Mick or Wilko?

    Well I run here and there, I try to surf everyday as much as possible. So maybe Wilko?

  14. What’s your favorite contest to compete at? Why?

    My favorite contest to compete at is the Oakley World Pro Junior in Bali. It's such a fun contest and it's located in such a beautiful place with the best waves.

  15. What is the contest/venue that you dread and why?

    I dread surfing contests that are at beachbreaks and small. Heavy days, man.

  16. Finish this sentence: “Oakley is ________”

    The best eyewear company in the world. Say whaaa!

  17. If you weren’t pursuing a career as a pro surfer, what would you be doing for a living?

    Work for the government.

  18. What’s your hidden talent?

    When it comes out of hiding I'll tell you.

  19. Which superpower would you prefer: the ability to fly or X-ray vision?

    The ability to fly.

  20. If you had to share a hotel room/apartment with one Oakley athlete, who would it NOT be and why?

    Sharing is caring.

  21. Tell us a funny story about another Oakley athlete (We’ll never tell…until we post it on your bio page).

    I have funny stories about Mr. Caio Ibelli but I dont kiss and tell. Haha.

  22. Who’s your celebrity look-alike?

    I have been told that I look like Miley Cyrus.

  23. Celebrity crush?

    Alexander Skarsgard who acts as “Eric” from True Blood.

  24. Which do you prefer: spicy or yellow mustard?

    Yellow mustard

  25. Pancakes or waffles?


  26. Coffee or tea?


  27. Is there any current trend that you can’t stand or wrap your mind around (skinny jeans, going vegan, etc)?

    One trend that I literally can't stand is when guys where skinny jeans. No offense but, dude, that has to be uncomfortable for you. The worst part too is when their legs look better then yours...

  28. Your favorite: Food?


  29. Vacation Spot?

    Maldives Four Seasons

  30. Candy?

    Chocolate is my best friend.

  31. Sports (besides your own)?


  32. Holiday?

    New Years

  33. Music Genre?

    Indie, Dubstep, House, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Hawaiian, Reggae

  34. Surf Movie?

    Modern Collective

  35. Regular Movie?

    21 Jump Street

  36. Animal?


  37. One Word Association:

    Freesurfing: Relaxing • Contests: Fun • North Shore: Mainstreamed • Training: Hardcore • Beauty: Within • Victory: Success • Defeat: Lame • Friend: Lovely • Foe: Overrated • Oakley: Coolness

  38. Any last words?

    And that's the way the cookie crumbles...

Alessa Quizon

Oakley World Pro Junior Championship 2011

“Don't trip yourself out!” One of my overly used quotes I tell myself and others all the time. Living by this quote has done wonders for me. Less stress and no room for bad thoughts.

Date of Birth:
January 2, 1994
Makaha, Hawaii – "Known to be the 'safest' place on Oahu. Just make sure to lock your car doors, don't stare at the locals and stay away from their home break. Haha."
Billabong, Oakley, Town&Country Surfboards, Ransom Wax
Drawing and painting

Career Highlights

    • 2009: 1st, Explorer Girls, NSSA Nationals
    • 2009: Cover of Freesurf Magazine (Volume 6, Issue 3)
    • 2009: Bronze Medal, ISA World Junior Championships - Ecuador
    • 2012: 1st, Billabong World Pro Junior Championships – Burleigh Head
    • 2012: =3rd, Billabong Pro Rio