Q & A

  1. Nickname:


  2. Birthplace:

    La Jolla, California

  3. Height:


  4. Weight:

    141 lbs

  5. Favorite Shades:

    Jupiter, Holbrook, Frogskins and Dispatch

  6. Years surfing:

    7 years

  7. Board Specs:

    5’8.5” X 18.1” Squash tail EPS Rusty

  8. Tunes:

    Misfits, The Clash and Metallica

  9. Heroes:

    My Mom

  10. Favorite Movie:

    Step Brothers

  11. Favorite word:


  12. Favorite food:

    Taco Bell

  13. Favorite up and comer:

    Julian Wilson

  14. Activities other than surfing:


  15. Surfing influences:

    Taj, Dane and Rotgans

  16. Non surfing influences:

    Dad and people who push me hard

  17. Inspirations:

    God. Watching someone rip

  18. Worst place to go:

    Anywhere without an ocean

  19. Thank you to:

    God, mom, dad, sponsors and friends

Jake Halstead

Screen shot 2010-03-29 at 10.11.57 AM

Never give up

Date of Birth:
May 4, 1994
La Jolla, CA
Hurley, Oakley, Rusty, Nixon, DaKine and Vertra

Career Highlights

    • 2013: 1st, Ron Jon Quiksilver Pro Junior – Cocoa Beach, FL (3*)