6 Star: Surf Team Star Romain Cloitre of France Claims Relentless Boardmasters in England


Romain Cloitre is obviously still pumped from his recent Oakley Indo Boat Trip.

The French Oakley Team ripper displayed his potential and top form on his way to claiming the ASP 6-Star Relentless Boardmasters contest in England over the weekend.

Slashing his way through longer rights and windblown 3-4ft peaks, he took out Mitch Coleborn of Australia with a solid 14.77 score to tally his first ASP Star tour triumph.

With a combination of sharp forehand snaps, Romain dazzled the huge English crowd at Fistral Beach, sealing the deal with two massive backhand smashes for an 8.17/10 and and the lead. He never looked back from there.

“I am really happy right now,” Romain said, rocking his Oakley eyewear, Blade Boardshorts and gear. “This is my best victory in my career and I haven’t had any good results in the last few months so I didn’t have a lot of confidence but now I have some and I am really happy. The start of the Europe leg I was travelling with Tom Whitaker a lot and Oakley and he helped me to get my confidence back. He was always saying that I was going to do well in Europe and it has helped me, so thanks Tommy for that.”

As a former European Pro Junior champ – who recently hosted the podium the Oakley Pro Junior Contest in San Sebastian, Basque Country-Spain – Romain placed his talent in the spotlight by executing sound tactics and priority control.

“I saw that Mitch had a good left and competing against him is tough because he can get a 9-point ride with one turn so it is never over when you are against him. It was a hard final and I am stoked to have come through with the win.”

The hardfought victory was more than definitely important for overall ASP Europe points standings – pushing the Frenchman up to No. 4.

Congrats to Romain!

Relentless Boardmasters in assoc. with Vans Final
1 – Romain Cloitre (REU) 14.77
2 – Mitch Coleborn (AUS) 9.36

Relentless Boardmasters in assoc. with Vans Semifinal Results
SF 1: Mitch Coleborn (AUS) 15.34 Def. Mitch Crews (AUS) 13.57
SF 2: Romain Cloitre (REU) 16.16 Def. Royden Bryson (ZAF) 10.00

Relentless Boardmasters in assoc. with Vans Quarterfinal Results
QF 1: Mitch Crews (AUS) 14.53 Def. Flavio Nakagima (BRA) 11.33
QF 2: Mitch Coleborn (AUS) 13.93 Def. Jesse Mendes (BRA) 13.17
QF 3: Romain Cloitre (REU) 15.36 Def. Glen Hall (IRL) 12.00
QF 4: Royden Bryson (ZAF) 14.40 Def. Garret Parkes (AUS) 9.83

ASP European Men’s Rankings Top 5
1. Alain Riou (PYF) 3775
2. Tim Boal (FRA) 3321
3. Joan Duru (FRA) 3048
4. Romain Cloitre (REU) 2991
5. Vincent Duvignac (FRA) 2928


Andrew De Lara


August 15, 2011