Flawless Keramas Conditions for Men’s Round 3 at the Oakley World Pro Junior

MICK CURLEY_LOW RES_OPJ_KERAMAS_DAY 7 womens final and mens round 3-8137

Keramas lived up to its reputation on Day 7 of the Oakley Pro Junior. At first light, the lineup was packed with anxious freesurfers hoping to get a few bombing barrels before the comp started up. Overhead and reeling down the reef, it was the wave that competitors hoped they’d encounter when coming to Bali.

After South Africa’s Nikki Van Dijk had claimed the women’s ASP World Junior Championship in the first heat of the day, the attention turned back toward the men and the beginning of Round 3. While the ladies opted for turns, the men were mostly interested in getting barreled while the barreling was good. Ezekiel Lau set the pace from the first heat of the round, finding two clean barrels and punctuating them with his powerful forehand gouges.

Arashi Kato of Japan, Brazil’s Italo Ferreira and Thomas Woods of Australia all put together solid heats and advanced into Round 4.

In one of the later heats of the day, once the onshore winds had begun howling, USA’s Connor Coffin eliminated the last local Indonesian surfer standing, Hairil Anwar in an outstanding duel. “Oney [Hairil Anwar] is one of my favorite people in this event,” Coffin said. "He came up to me to talk about conditions and say good luck before the heat. He’s such a nice guy.”

The two surfers took contrasting approaches to the heat: Coffin relying on his trademark power turns and Anwar taking to the air. Ultimately, Coffin’s approach won, with his two-wave score of 15.53 to Anwar’s 13.94.

“I knew I’d have to get good scores to beat him because he does these rad blow-tail turns and airs,” said Coffin of Anwar, the ASP Australasia wildcard. “This is my last year as a junior so I’m really enjoying my time at this event."

Round 4 is expected to run tomorrow morning at Keramas. Tune into the live webcast or watch the entire event on-demand at oakleyprojunior.com.