• Surf City: Oakley’s Conner Coffin Triumphs At US Open of Surfing Pro Junior Contest


    Posted almost 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Surf City’s sets may have been at two-to-four feet. But Connor Coffin was positively massive at the US Open of Surfing Pro Junior. With a dominating performance throughout the contest – racking up a 17.10 out of 20 heat total to claim the biggest victory of his career at the ASP 4-Star event. “I can’t even put this in to words,” Connor said, rocking his Oakley eyewear. “I’m just so happy. I used to struggle out here and I’ve been working hard on that and I’m just glad that Final went my way.” But the path to victory was no walk in the park, of course. O’s young ripper clipped Kanoa Igarashi, Cooper Chapman and Filipe Toledo of Brazil to plow through to the Final.

  • Fred Rubble? O Surf Team Ripper Conner Coffin Teams with Channel Islands to Drop New Board


    Posted about 3 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    You remember Fred Rubble. The dude had volume up front. And so does the new Channel Islands Board – designed with Oakley’s young team ripper Conner Coffin in mind. With more volume near the nose – which allows surfers to surf harder with their front foot – Conner’s new board is out and ready for purchase. And it has plenty more well thought out features to offer than just more foam. Peep the below video on its release:

  • Firing Barrels for Round 3 & 4 of the Oakley World Pro Junior


    Posted almost 4 years ago by Elishia Matta

Conner Coffin

Oakley World Pro Junior Championship 2012

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