When it comes to the current crop of up-and-coming North Shore rippers, Kalani Chapman is one of the best and most committed out there. Born on the Seven Mile Miracle and bred by its crew of elite surfers, Kalani has proven he is a force to be reckoned with by finishing 4th in the 2005 Pipe Masters and by coolly pulling into some of the nastiest beasts to roll through Pipe last winter.

On November 16th 2007, he paddled out at maxing Second Reef on a three-inch thick 9’6" rhino chaser, shaped by uncle Owl. Story goes, he was supposed to wait for the swell of the year to paddle out on it. He sat outside long enough to get the set of the swell, angles into the beast, and holds his line through the meanest section in the business, flying out with gobs of spit. The wave was talked about for weeks as one of the heaviest in years.

Kalani Chapman

Date of Birth:
June 1, 1982

Career Highlights