• Four of Oakley's Hawaiian Contingent Invited to Prestigious Eddie Aikua Opening Ceremony


    Posted over 1 year ago by Chasen Marshall

    The world’s finest watermen gathered in a semi-circle on the white sand beach of Waimea Bay, their big boards laid out before them. Behind them, crowds six-deep enclosed the group of 50-plus athletes. The opening ceremony of what is commonly known as “The Eddie” has happened every winter on the North Shore of Oahu since 1984. In that time, however, the event, which has a three-month waiting period, has only run on seven occasions. The Bay calls the day.

Makua Rothman

Date of Birth:
June 17, 1984
North Shore, Oahu
RVCA, Monster Energy, Alpine Stars, Body Glove, Da Hui, Osiris
Fishing, hunting, running, free-diving, grappling, boxing, riding motorcycles

Career Highlights

    • 2007: 1st, O'Neill World Cup - Sunset Beach, Hawaii
    • 2006: 3rd, Volcom Stone's Blowfish Surf Series
    • 2006: 4th, Xcel Pro - Sunset Beach, Hawaii
    • 2002: Winner of Billabong XXL Big Wave Challenge Award