Oakley's Patrick Gudauskas, Adam Melling, Nate Yeomans, and Jadson Andre Celebrate Making Dream Tour


Oakley’s Patrick Gudauskas, Adam Melling, Nate Yeomans and Jadson Andre qualify for the 2010 ASP Dream Tour. After a grueling season on the WQS, they will be preparing for their opening event, the Quiksilver Pro on the Gold Coast on February 27, 2010. The other destinations will include Bells Beach, Brazil, South Africa, USA, Tahiti, France, Spain and Hawaii.

In 2008, Patrick Gudauskas was only two places shy of making the tour. Instead of wallowing in disappointment, Patrick used that energy to make sure he made it in 2009. His hunger to win showed and after he, as he says, “went balls to the walls,” Patrick deservedly qualified with a final rating of 2nd on the WQS.

Nate Yeomans catapulted to the top of the WQS ratings with an impressive win at the ASP 6-Star O’Neill Cold Water Classic Santa Cruz, clinching his spot on the 2010 ASP WCT Tour after years of dedication on the ASP WQS.

Nineteen-year-old Brazilian Jadson Andre, who just showed up in the media radar last year, vindicated the bold predictions that he was one to watch and solidified his 2009 WQS campaign when he won the Quiksilver Pro Durban, South Africa. Jadson clearly qualified with a 3rd overall final rating.

Adam Melling kept his dream tour inception goal within reach when he won the 6-Star Cold Water Classic in Scotland. With the confidence that comes from a big win, he kept the momentum going and finshed 4th in the final WQS ratings.

We were able to catch up with Adam, Patrick and Jadson to see how they made it happen.

Congratulations on making the WCT. Where and how did you celebrate?

Adam: I celebrated in Lennox Head at home. My mate threw a party for me at the local swimming hole, "the lake.” We had a BBQ, beer and speeches flowed and then the DJ lifted the party into an “avo” dance off. You can see some of it on the Emery Surfboard’s Facebook page.

Patrick: The celebrations were kind of a multi-week project. It started in Hawaii with our friends and family. We threw a party at the house, then went to the Bay Club and tore up some D floors. The next day we kept it going with the Vans Triple Crown golf tournament, which was all time. Then we came home and San Clemente was pretty much painted red for myself, my brother Tanner, and also Nate Yeomans and Greg Long’s victory in the Eddie. So it was pretty much as good as it gets. The energy of celebration was overwhelming. We had a party at our house then took it to the local bars. OC tavern was the final end zone where we showed no mercy! Greg’s bar tab was the highest they’ve ever had at $1,200. My tab was $300 and Dane and Tanners (Patrick’s brothers) was equal… pretty much go big or go home!

Jadson: Thanks. I celebrated in Brazil with my family and my girlfriend after the tour finished and I came home from Hawaii. We had a barbeque and drank a couple beers.

What is one thing you did differently last year in contests or in your training?
Adam: I really just focused on keeping really positive the whole year. I have so much support which helped me focus on my goal.

Patrick: This year I took a combination of factors from my previous years and put them into fruition. I wanted to do more aerials in my heats. I felt like my free surfing is acrobatic, but my heats were less exciting.. I rode boards that allowed me to do progressive moves and raise the excitement levels. For training, I got into a really good stretching routine that Matt Greigs gave me. I felt confident from my experience with the past few years and I was more driven then EVER before to end zone it!

Jadson: I think in 2009 the most important thing was my schedule. I just had one focus. I put all my efforts and energy into the key events in order to make a good result. I worked to be at my best during the important legs like between Australia and Europe.

As a rookie on the WCT this year, what will be the most challenging for you?

Adam: I am really looking forward to this year. It is a different level of surfing and format so that will be challenging, but I can’t wait to get stuck into it. It’s where I want to be.

Patrick: I think the toughest part will be learning the new waves. It’s like the QS. It takes a year or two to figure out what boards work good in which waves, where to eat and where to stay, all factors of the learning curve. I’m going to spend a lot of time before the events learning as much as possible at the different venues. Psyching!!

Jadson: I think the whole year is a challenge. The WCT world tour is very hard. You need to work everyday to get better. I think I have to learn from each event and take what I learned into the next event.

What stop are you most looking forward to? Why?

Adam: Snapper Rocks because it is so close to home and an amazing wave especially with one other person in the water. J Bay as well. I have heard so much about the place, all good. I have been to South Africa a few times, but I have never been to J Bay. I can’t wait.

Patrick: I’m really looking forward to Snapper and Teahupoo and Lowers and Pipe. I think it’s a dream to surf those waves with only one other surfer in the water. Straight up bullshit!

Jadson: The WCT events excite me because everyone is new to me. I am excited for the spots with lefts because I have confidence I can do well. I know the first  year is very difficult not just because it is new, but because of my seeding. I need to start with a good result to get a good seeding.

How long has this been your goal? Was there ever a moment that you swayed from this goal?

Adam: It has been my goal since I started my competitive career in the local boardriders. I have wanted to be the best ever since.

Patrick: It’s been a dream of mine since I started surfing; to surf the best waves in the world and make a living doing what I love. I think it has been a goal of mine since I was probably 18 or 19 to qualify, basically since I started surfing professional events. It’s been all about making that dream a reality and I’d say I haven’t wavered. It’s a marathon not a sprint and I think it’s all just stepping stones to bigger and better goals.

Jadson: In 2008 I only surfed 11 contests and finished the year with a good WQS rating, 22th. In 2009 I focused and made it my job to get a good rating. I think because I started the tour with good results and good points, I had more confidence at each event.  In July when I arrived in California for the US Open I had enough points to confirm that I would qualify. It was great. I had no pressure and then I just worked to finish the year with the best position possible, maybe the WQS title. However the others guys had just as much focus and I finished 3rd. It was a great result and great year!

Patrick, Adam, Jadson and Nate will join 40 other qualified surfers at the beginning of 2010 as part of 45 surfers on the ASP Men’s World Tour competing for the 2010 World Title.