Oakley Trials


The Oakley Trials kicked off at 8:30 this morning opening the first competition at the Layne Beachley Classic WCT event in Manly, Australia. With a stacked crew of upcomers including Leilani Gryde, Sage Erickson, Karina Petroni, and Sally Fitzgibbons, this may go down as one of the most competitive trials ever with the ultimate prize of the one wildcard spot in the main event to immediately go up against none other than Layne Beachley herself.

With a meager showing of waves, the 12 girls battled through 17 20-minute heats. With a sweep in her first heat, Sage automatically advanced to the quarter finals as Leilani fought her way through Round 2 to secure her spot there as well.

Quarter finals brought more exciting one-on-one battles which slimmed down the field to 4 including the triumphant 16-year old Sage who impressed judges with her unique and vertical surf style. With a spot in semis, Sage once again prevailed securing her a spot in the finals against local Fitzgibbons who eventually triumphed and took the wildcard spot in the main event to surf against fellow countrymates Clair Bevilaqua and the hostest with the mostest Layne.


Liesl Holtz


October 06, 2007