Oakley Girls Hit The US Open of Surfing


Huntington Beach, CA was a sight to see last week with record breaking temperatures, nightly parties, surfing, skating, and freestyle MX guys launching huge air at the annual Bank of the West Beach Games. In the middle of one of the worst heat waves Southern California has seen, over 100,000 people showed up throughout the week to watch the best men’s and women’s surfers in the world battle it out for some cash, points, and a US Open win.

Oakley women’s surfers were in the house including the very promising Leilani Gryde who racked up enough points during the contest to keep her in the top 10 on the WQS. Despite the lack of swell, Oakley surfers Tammy Lee Smith from South Africa, Lindsay Baldwin from Florida and Anastasia Ashley from Newport Beach also charged through the round of 48 to make the round of 24 which created a heavy field of competition. In the blistering sun, Claudia Goncalves from Brazil, Stacey Guy from South Africa, Sage Erickson from Santa Barbara and Kira Sheppard from Florida were all on sight to cheer on the girls and give some team support. Thank god for misters, bottled water and Jamba Juice!