Oakley Shows its Feminine Side


The past two days for Oakley have been focused on one thing – women. Oakley, which has been seen in the past as primarily a "boys club" is now definitely taking great strides to identify and serve its female consumers.

Adding to the existing women’s eyewear line-up this month are three new amazing styles: Speechless, Disobey and Behave. Each style exudes confidence and reflects the attitude of the Oakley woman – live and play by your own rules, be unique.

A key element to keep in mind when identifying Oakley Woman, is the 300 plus top female athletes globally that represent the brand and the potency of these women. Within that group of 300 women Oakley athletes, the Uniquely Oakley campaign is centered around six specific Oakley female athletes – Roxy Louw, Darcy Turenne, Kira Sheppard, Claudia Concalves, Niki Gudex and Mizuki.

As part of a two-day women’s media event, three of these six athletes were on hand to enhance the media’s understanding of who the Oakley woman is and what she stands for.

The media event consisted of a one-day seminar off site, which covered a general brand overview and women’s program overview, including segments devoted to apparel and athlete Q & A.

The second day of the event offered the attending group of global media a visit to Oakley headquarters in Foothill Ranch. Included in the tour were an HDO (High Definition Optics) demonstration, showing how Oakley’s optics are superior when put up against its competitors, as well as a first hand consumer experience with the Oakley Custom Program, part of Oakley’s retail experience that allows the consumer to design their sunglasses to their personal specifications, changing lens and frame options/combinations, as well as icons, in addition to having the ability to etch any personalized words on the lenses themselves.

Coming away from this second portion of the event, the media were in awe of Oakley’s facility and all of the different technologies going on between its walls, all executed upon in the name of delivering a quality product with superior optics to the masses.

The final portion of the media event took place in Hollywood at the Sunset Towers hotel. This part of the event was the launch party, and many special guests were in attendance to welcome Oakley’s women’s launch with a warm response. Guests included Christina Milian, Lauren Conrad, Sascha Cohen, Chris (from American Idol), Mos Def, Lil John, Rachel Hunter, Tara Conner, Kelly Hu, Ryan Scheckler and Greg Lutzka. People Magazine, InStyle Magazine, LA Magazine and TV Guide were all in attendance, as well as Women’s Wear Daily.

The event featured a sunglass station where all guests were able to try on each of the women’s styles and pick their favorite pair to take home with them. There was also a photo booth at the event which proved to be a lot of fun for all the guests – they were enjoying taking their photos in their dazzling Oakley sunnies!

What every media attendee took away from this event was Oakley’s commitment to women, and to offering them an eyewear option that suits them and their uniqueness, and that delivers them the protection that they deserve.

Watch out ladies – here comes Oakley!