Thanks to Saffas like Royden Bryson, South Africa is once again getting the credit it deserves for breeding world-class surfers on its fertile shores. With guidance from tour veteran Travis Logie and joined by rookie Jordy Smith, Bryson’s development as a competitive surfer has given him a solid footing in the ratings and a professional savvy that will only mature as the season continues.

Once known for his wild ways, Bryson now trains hard, surfs daily and concentrates on his sport. He pushes his progression with massive turns and has undoubtedly become a standout surfer. The sky is the limit for South Africa, and after building steady momentum throughout his career, the progressive goofy footer is right in the thick of it.

Q & A

  1. To me, Oakley is

    Giving me an opportunity to live my dream and a second chance at it.

  2. Any last words?

    Every day a victory!

  3. Years as a professional


  4. Do you have any other special talents (music / write / draw / paint)?

  5. What are your favorite songs currently loaded onto your Thump?

  6. When did you start your sport?

    December, 1992

  7. What move / trick are you working on?

    Frontside Double Grab Flip

  8. Number of years participating in your sport


  9. 5 Items I can't live without

    Music, Ocean, Laughs, Coffee and Books

  10. What is more important to you than snowboarding?

    Friends, Family,Relationships and Life

  11. Who / What inspires you?

    Winners, the satisfactory feeling of giving your best and it being enough to win.

  12. Favorite

    Bands: John Butler, Tool, Sprung Monkey, Midnight oil Films: Last Samurai, Primal Fear, Lord of the Rings Books: Power of One, The Beach TV Shows: Frasier, The Simpsons Drink: Fruit Juice

  13. If you were not a pro surfer you would be?

    Pro something else I guess

  14. If you could be someone famous, who would you be?

    Nelson Mandela

Royden Bryson

Date of Birth:
October 27, 1982
Cape Town, South Africa
Red Bull

Career Highlights

    • 2006: 1st 6* Tahara Pro, Japan
    • 2006: 5th 5* O'Neill Highland Open, Scotland
    • 2006: 9th 5* WQS Hang Loose Pro, Brazil
    • 2004: 3rd 5* WQS Rip Curl Newquay Board Masters, Newquay
    • 2004: 1st South African Open, Durban, South Africa
    • 2001:1st South African wave Pool Classic
    • 2000: South African Champion
    • 2000: 5th World Junior Championships