Q & A

  1. What are the events, wins, memories that stand out most throughout your career so far?

    Definitely winning Sebring this year, Our son was born the week before the race and I didn’t get to see him until after, so it was a special win for so many reasons.

  2. If there’s one thing that people in the industry would recognize you by, what would that be?

    My orange gloves or helmet design.

  3. Word Association:

    Tweet= Addicted Vision= Oakley Friend= Brother Foe= No Boogie= Can’t

  4. When did you first start riding/racing? Where/why?

    Rode a PW 50 when I was 3, started driving karts at 5 and racing at 8. My dad rode/raced, my uncle, my brother so it was just inevitable

  5. What drives you to be sicker than everyone else?

    Winning, it is so much fun, getting the next one is an obsession.

  6. If you weren’t ripping on the track or dirt, what kind of menial task would you want to do?

    I love cleaning/detailing cars!

  7. If you had to share a bathroom with one Oakley rider/driver, who would it NOT be and why?

    Has to be Pat Long as we lived together in the UK for 2 years and he takes too long!I love cleaning/detailing cars!

  8. Tell me a funny story about an Oakley rider/driver...(We’ll never tell)

    Na, cause they all have too much dirt on me too!!

  9. Talent…other than doing no handed pushups:

    Apart from driving fast I’m fairly talentless, used to be able to sing but my voice has gone now.

  10. Your Favorite…(Start with your favorite music artist or something):

    Band: Travis and Foo Fighters Film: Tommy Boy

  11. Oakleys are…

    Loyal, I’ve been an athlete with them for 16 years

  12. Fist pumping? Head Banging? C-Walking? Electric Slide? Or Funky Chicken? Which one? Or all of the above?

    I know about one of them, but as bad as my dancing is I probably need them all!

  13. Dream vacation spot:

    The Maldives

  14. Favorite Track:

    Mosport In Canada

  15. The Track/Course You Dread Most:

    None, love them all.

  16. Would you rather get punched in the gut by Mr. T. or super roundhouse kicked in the face by Chuck Norris?

    Mr T!

  17. People would be super surprised if they knew that you…

    I failed my driving test first time

  18. You’ve been mistaken for…

    The evil dude in Titanic and my brother when I wear a hat.

  19. Food…

    Italian and Sushi

  20. Jay Leno, Tosh.O or Conan?

    Jay. Who are the other two?

  21. Last words…

    As in proper last words? Definitely a swear word or two!

Marino Franchitti


If you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it.

Date of Birth:
July 7, 1978
Edinburgh, Scotland. (it’s cold, wet and beautiful)
Puma, Arai
Cycling, Reading, all around petrol head

Career Highlights

    • 2013 Sebring 12 Hr Winner
    • 2010 ALMS Champion