Q & A

  1. What are risks?

    Everything you do is a risk. The key is controlling it.

  2. Travel can be?

    Cool, nice and easy but can also be a disaster, bad weather etc... Volcano's etc... ha

  3. Drink?

    Brazilian Guarana, Caipirinha

  4. Items you can't live without?

    Cell phone and a race car.

  5. Words to live by

    Health, peace, and love

  6. Favorite Band?


  7. Favorite Movies?

    I really like comedies and thrillers

  8. When did you start your sport?

    I was 8 years old and started playing around with Karting, but then i began racing them competitively at age 9.

  9. Who inspires you?

    Senna was my inspiration, he was the best.

  10. Oakley is?

    The best.

Jaime Melo Jr

Date of Birth:
April 24, 1980
Cascavel, Brazil
Ferrari and Stilo Helmets
Tennis, Soccer, ping pong, and playing playstation.

Career Highlights

    • 2010 Winner of the American Le Mans 12 hours of Sebring
    • 15 ALMSA Career Wins
    • 2009 Winner of the American Le Mans 12 hours of Sebring in the GT2 Class
    • 2009 Winner of 24 Hour Le mans and Petit Le mans
    • 2008 Winner of 24 Hours of Le Mans GT2 Class
    • 2008 Winner of the Petit Le Mans
    • 2007 8 Victories in the GT2 seriers of the American Le Mans Series
    • 2007 Closest Winning Margin in ALMS history; 6 polie positions, 4 fastest laps, and the 2007 ALMS Champion
    • 2006 American Le Mans Series with Risi Competizione in a Ferrari 430- 5 Races only, 2 victories; FIA GT2 Championship with AF Corse in Ferrari 430 GT- Champion
    • 2005 Ferrari test and development driver for 575 GTC; FIA GT Championship with GPC Sport in a Ferrari 575 Maranello
    • 2002 Euro F3000 Series - 5 Wins, Champion
    • 2001 F3000 International Championship with Durango Benetton Junior team- 1 Pole, 1 X 2nd, 12th Overall
    • 2000 F3000 International Championship with Williams Petrobas Junior Team- 11th place overall. Test with Williams F1 team