Levi started racing snowmobiles at the young age of twelve. He saved money for his first snowmobile by bagging groceries. Levi then entered his first race. Organizers almost didn’t allow him to ride because of his young age and small size. He placed second at his first race and began racing regularly after that. Levi had great success as a snocross racer, but in 2007 he decided to give freestyle a try. After learning several tricks, including the back flip (a snowmobile weighs 400+ lbs.), he entered his first freestyle competition and won. Levi had a breakout Winter X Games in early 2008. He won two gold medals and was awarded “Most Outstanding Athlete of the Winter X Games” Levi decided to compete in all four snowmobile events in 2009, the most events of any athlete. Levi garnered more on-air coverage than any other athlete during the 2009 Winter X Games. In large part, this was due to his success from the previous year, and also because of the rumor that Levi was planning on attempting a double back flip in the “Next Trick” competition. Levi did attempt the double back, the first ever in competition, and narrowly missed completing the trick by overshooting the landing.

For more about Levi check out his feature article, " Defying Odds," in Issue No. 4 of Oakley’s One Icon Magazine.

Q & A

  1. What are Risks?

    Falling on my head

  2. You Feel Pain?

    I definitely feel pain.

  3. Travel Can Be?

    Good, better than being locked into one place forever

  4. Drink?

    Red Bull

  5. Items you can't live without?

    a Snowmobile, wakeboard, dirtbike and golf clubs

  6. Any last words?

    Safety First

  7. Words to live by?

    You can have anything you want, if you just want it bad enough.

  8. Favorite Bands?

    Pennywise, Rise Against

  9. When did you start your sport?

    I started riding when I was 7 years old.. I started competing when I was 12.

  10. Who inspires you?

    Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, Travis Pastrana, and my dad.

Levi LaVallee

Date of Birth:
August 31, 1982
Longville, MN
Polaris, Red Bull, Parts Unlimited, National Guard, Woodys, Fox Racing Shox, Arctiva, Pure Polaris
Motocross, Mini bikes, Wakeboarding

Career Highlights

    • 5x Winter X Games Gold Medalist
    • 2012: Set Distance Jump World Record (412 feet)
    • 2009: SnoCross Series Champion- ISOC Pro Stock Class
    • 2009: Fan Favorite of the Year Award- ISOC
    • 2009: Racer of the Year Award ISOC
    • 2009: Silver Medal, Winter X Games Speed & Style
    • 2009: First SnoCross Athlete to attempt a double back flip in competition
    • 2008: Male Athlete of Winter X Games