Born and raised in the great state of Alaska. I have been riding snowmobiles for nearly 20 years and have been a pro for 10 of those. I grew up just north of Anchorage in a small town called Willow. Love to ride dirt bikes, jet skis, and most of all am an avid fisherman.
My career path to become a professional snowmobiler is not that of your typical athlete. I grew up playing hockey and that was my 1st passion. I was able to continue into college and on into the pro ranks for a short time. However as fate would have it I was destined for another sport. Between hockey and my now current status as a full time sledder I was fortunate enough to have worked and worked my way up the cooperate ladder with Wells Fargo. I was the District manager for all of Alaska when I left to pursue snowmobiling full time over 2 years ago. I have competed at nearly every level of Hockey, I have been an executive for a Fortune 500 company and now my full time passion is snowmobiling.
I have raced and competed at every level of sledding that exists to date. I have been and always will be a backcounty rider, Pro Snow cross racer and now ESPN Winter X Games level freestyle rider. My expertise however is the long distance jumping. I am the holder of several World Records with plans to knock down several more Before its all said and done. I am the consummate competitor, l love the fans, and love the industry. I truly am a lucky, lucky person.

Q & A

  1. What are Riks?

    Just a little thing we like to call....... Death.... Gotta love it!

  2. You Feel Pain?


  3. Travel Can Be?

    A Bitch, but a necessary evil.

  4. Drink?

    Jack and Coke...

  5. Any Last Words?

    Live it like it's your last

  6. Favorite Bands?

    Too many to list. I love music.

  7. Favorite Movie?

    Top gun and Happy Gilmore.

  8. When Did You Start Your Sport?

    About the same time I learned to walk.

  9. Who inspires you?

    Ricky Carmichael

  10. Oakley is?

    One of the Raddest companies on the planet.

Paul Thacker


"Ride her til she bucks ya, then get back on and ride again"

Date of Birth:
October 23, 1976
Anchorage, Alaska
Monster Energy, Slednecks, Polaris, Bikeman Performance, C&A Pro Skis, Shoei, Kicker, OGIO, FOX Shox, HMK, Etnies, Asterisk.
MX, Jet Skiing, and Fishing.

Career Highlights

    • 1. Pro Priavateer of the year WSA National SNOX 2005
    • 2. 6 Time WR Long Distance Jumper 04’- 08’
    • 3. 5th Place 2008 ESPN Winter X Snowmobile Speed and Style
    • 4. 7th Place 2008 ESPN Winter X Snowmobile Freestyle

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