Laura Hadar Takes Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails Again For 3rd Year

Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails main image.jpg

This weekend, Bear Mountain hosted the first snowboard contest of the season, Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails. The event was well equipped with BBQs, bars and the first blown snow we will see this season. Oakley was on location as well, with a surprising turnout of athletes and appearances by local stars like JP Walker. The Scandinavians have been spotted all over California lately from Oceanside to Laguna Beach, and they couldn’t pass up a good taste of what is to come. Joni Malmi, Heikki Sorsa and Lauri Heiskari were all enjoying the sun and fresh air as they witnessed over 30 competitors battle it out for a $12,000 total purse.

Hat tricks are never taken lightly and sure don’t come easy, but as of this weekend, proved to be possible. Again for the 3rd consecutive year in a row, Laura Hadar swept the competition with a slew of tricks that no one could touch. With top competitors like Leanne Pelosi, Silvia Mittermüller and Hana Beaman in the mix, the crew battled it out on the 4-rail stair set up. Laura pretty much had it in the bag the entire hour of finals, but in the last 5 minutes of the jam she gapped the flat down rail to a 50/50, which won her the top spot again. With performances like this, Bear should consider renaming this contest; Hot dawgs, Handrails and Hadar.